uConnect is a powerful yet simple gateway/edge device used for any IoT platform, developed ground-up with the needs and requirements of the discrete and process industries in mind. Being a robust and scalable platform, it can connect to field devices and other industrial assets.

uConnect enables comprehensive customization to suit specific needs. It uses the power of IoT devices to filter, pre-process, aggregate or score IoT data, while maintaining its privacy.

It also leverages the power and resilience of cloud services to run complex analytics on such data, supporting decisions and actions on the physical world. It not only minimizes latency but also ensures that the applications are uninterrupted in case of limited or irregular network connectivity.


  • A gateway device that has in-built cellular connectivity
  • Provides secure posting/ transmission of data to the destination/IIoT portal using Open SSL/TLS 1.2
  • Fetches data from various sources running over different protocols or raw signals
  • Provides reliable data transfer using store and forward mechanism
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Rule-based classification and alarms can be configured
  • In-device portal and REST API for easy viewing of data on the Edge Device and for data exchange
  • Works with various interfaces such as RS232, RS485, Ethernet, AI, DI,USB, 3G/4G, and Sub-GHZ, WiFI and can be customizable to support various protocols
  • Sub 1-GHz wireless technology enabled. Acts as a concentrator and collects data from multiple nodes on sub 1-GHz network.
  • Runs on Linux OS
  • Can be configured as:
    • RS-485/RS-232 Data Acquisition System (DAS)
    • Ethernet DAS
    • Modbus master over RS-485 and Modbus slave over TCP/IP
    • DLMS master over RS-232 and Modbus slave over TCP/IP
    • Sub 1-GHz network concentrator and cellular gateway.
    • Sub 1-GHz network concentrator and Modbus slave over TCP/IP
  • Fanless design that reduces maintenance work

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