uPOC PubSub : eBook

uOPC PubSub in a Nutshell

Utthunga’s uOPC PubSub Bridge is built upon the established OPC UA PubSub standard for IIoT platforms and vendor offering various Cloud-based services. With capabilities of distributed intelligence, PubSub balances network loads and distributed messages among the peers in an effective manner, which is the foundation for any IIoT program to succeed.
uOPC PubSub Bridge is a Cloud/Enterprise-ready solution that consolidates the access to multiple OT data sources, while ensuring data security across the DMZ & Firewalls during OT-IT Integration. It is designed to address the key challenges associated with OT-IT convergence and the associated cybersecurity risks.

Important Use Cases of uOPC PuBSub Bridge

1. OT-IT Integration with Cloud/Enterprise-ready Data
2. Gateway to Securely Traverse DMZ/Firewall
3. Consolidated Access to OT Data Via Single-Point as A Protocol Bridge
4. Ensuring Data Security While Data Transmission between OT Assets and IT Applications

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The uOPC PubSub Bridge can address multiple use cases associated with OT-IT integration. Also, it has proven to be a key enabler for digital transformation in different industrial applications.
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