OT-IT Integration Made SIMPLE!

Utthunga’s uOPC PubSub Bridge is a Cloud & Enterprise-ready solution that consolidates access to multiple OT data sources. Also, it ensures secure data passage across the DMZ & Firewalls during OT-IT Integration.

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Challenges associated with IT-OT Integration

1. Access to OT data in Cloud/Enterprise-ready formats

2. Secure data traversal across OT & IT networks

3. Consolidated access to disparate OT assets

Learn more on how the uOPC PubSub Bridge can solve multiple problems associated with OT-IT Integration

Key Features

South-side connectivity

OPC Classic, OPC DA (v1.0, v2.0, v3.0), OPC AE v1.0, OPC HDA v1.0, OPC UA v1.02 Modbus TCP.

North-side connectivity

MQTT. AMQP, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub (Azure Publisher, Azure Subscriber).


feature ensures high data availability, and loss-less data transmission.


Easy remote configuration and deployment using REST APIs.


Data Signing & Encryption along with user authentication & authorization. SHA-256 Secure Hash Algorithm for data privacy & security.

Success Stories & Case Studies

Asset Health Monitoring in O&G Fields

Learn more about how a leading solutions provider for the Oil & Gas industry was able to leverage on the uOPC PubSub Bridge to enable Asset Health Monitoring of various field devices.

This lead to decreased number of field visits and also equipment downtime during to the ability of remote configuration and real-time data availability for troubleshooting.

Protocol Bridge for an OEM’s Analytics Platform

Learn more about how a leading US-based Sensor OEM was able to integrate the uOPC PubSub Bridge into their Analytics Platform to get access to all their field Sensors in order to run analytics for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring for their installations.

The OEM now has a single-point and consolidated access to data different Sensors and Devices in the plant floor.

Ways to associate with us?

System Integrator

Licensing Options:

– Single Seat

– Site based

– Bulk Licensing


Licensing Options:

– Single Seat

– Site based

– OEM/Enterprise Bulk Licensing

– OEM/Enterprise One-time Purchase


Channel Partnership

– Single Seat

– Site based

– Reseller Bulk Licensing


1. What are the typical IT-side applications that the uOPC PubSub Bridge can connect to?

Any of the applications or platforms that support connectivity with MQTT or AMQP brokers can be supported. These could be,

  • ERP/MES Applications
  • SCADA/HMI Applications
  • IIoT Platforms
  • Cloud Applications
  • Databases
2. Can the uOPC PubSub Bridge be integrated with a Host Application?

Yes, this is well-adopted use case and our OEM customers have integrated the product with the Host Frameworks such as Analytics Platforms, Edge Platforms, etc. The uOPC PubSub Bridge serves different roles in such cases, with the primary being a Protocol Bridge for OT  Assets connectivity.

3.  What happens in case of network dropouts or disconnections between IT & OT Networks?
The uOPC PubSub Bridge is equipped with Store-And-Forward feature. This ensures that the data is stored in the Brokers until the connection is re-established and applications are available to ingest the data. This unique feature ensure high-data availability and loss-less data  transmission. However, the memory constraints defines the limit to the data being stored in the Brokers