Offerings forHART

HART Communication Protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a hybrid analog+digital industrial automation protocol which is the most widely used communication protocol in the Process Automation Industries. HART protocol is maintained by HART Commmunication Foundation (HCF) earlier now by FieldComm Group (
Utthunga has good experience and expertise in various flavors of HART protocol like HART RS 485, Bell-202, HART-IP, wirelessHART and HART MUX.

OPC Solutions

Utthunga’s proprietary framework DPI (Device Programming Interface) with common source base for desktop and mobile (Android and iOS) has
been used in developing various Dashboard application, diagnostic and service tools to monitor, parameterize the various instruments using
HART Serial (RS 485, Bell 202), HART-IP and HART MUX.

handheld Configurator

Utthunga can develop HART EDDL based solution using DD interpreters like SDC 625 or EDDEngine for handheld Configurator applications.


Utthunga can provide all Device Integration Standard support for HART protocol like HART DD development and registration or HART Device
DTM Development, HART-IP Gateway DTM Development or FDI HART Device or Profile package development. Utthunga can also develop HART
FDI Communication Server for your FDI host.

HART board and stack

Utthunga can help you to make your legacy 4-20 mA device to be digital by making it HART compatible using retrofit Utthunga’s HART board and stack.

HART Simulator

Utthunga can develop the HART Simulator (H/W and S/W) which can be used to perform load test the Control system by simulating thousands of HART devices.

Mobile based Dashboard

Utthunga can develop the mobile dashboard application for Android and iOS using its proprietary HART-IP stack and DPI framework which can
communicate with HART devices over network.