EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language) is an IEC Standardized language for modeling the behavior of field devices. It enables the EDDL/DDL based host applications to utilize, configure, calibrate, diagnose and troubleshoot the field devices in factory and process automation. EDDL is very powerful and can describe very complex device behavior. EDDL can work with small handheld host or large integrated maintenance system. EDDL is independent of operating and automation system. It enables devices from different suppliers to interoperate with single host and single device to interoperate with various host.

Host Development

Utthunga with its experience with DD interpreters like (SDC625, DDServices, EDDEngine) can help you to develop, enhance or maintain the EDDL based hosts application in various platforms like Linux, Android, Microsoft WinCE, Embedded and Windows.


Utthunga can quickly help you to prototype your need in various platforms which helps you to make the decision on the technology and/or platform for your product. Utthunga has been working with Research and Development team of various Industry leaders in helping them in their journey towards innovation.

EDD Development

Utthunga can develop DDs for HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus for your instruments and help you in registering the DDs with the foundation. We can maintain your DDs with customizable business model as per your need for any feature enhancements, bug fixes etc.

Interoperability Testing

Utthunga can help you to test your DD with various control systems in a customizable business model and helps to resolve any interoperability related issues. Utthunga’s experience in working with various control system helps in troubleshooting the issues quickly.

Compliance check

Utthunga has proprietary tool for verifying the IEC compliance of the DD. IEC compliant DDs improves interoperability with various hosts.

Legacy DD to FDI Packages

Utthunga can help you to port the existing legacy DD to futuristic FDI compatible DDs and later Device packages.

EDDL Consultation and Workshop

Utthunga’s EDDL experts can provide the customizable EDDL consultation, training and workshop as per your needs.


Utthunga has helped its customer in registering their Devices and DDs with Foundations. Utthunga can be your one stop solution for Device registration, DD Development, registration and maintenance.

VAST Experience

Utthunga has developed many EDDs for actuators, valve controllers and various measurement devices for HART, Profibus and FF protocol with simple to complex requirement. Utthunga’s vast experience will expedite the DD development process.


Utthunga has expertise and experience in working on all the 3 Device Integration Standards, be it FDI, EDDL or FDT/DTM. Hence, it can help you to choose the right standard for your instrument and use the existing device’s business logic from one standard to other.


Utthunga has experience in working with DD based host application using various DD Interpreters like SDC625, DDServices or EDDEngine. Good knowledge and experience on these host applications has helped in developing the DD with minimal interoperability related issues.

TOOL for IEC compliance check

Utthunga has proprietary DI Studio tool to validate the EDDL against the IEC61804 compliance which will help in migrating the legacy DD to IEC compliant, FDI compatible DDs   making it more robust against the inter-operability related issues


Utthunga has deep knowledge on EDDL specification including IEC6180 – part 3,4 and 5 and FDI; hence has good first hand information on these standard.