FDIServices / Products

FDI (Field Device Integration) is endorsed by leading end user groups like NAMUR and supported by all major automation system technologies including FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, PROFIBUS and OPC. FDI is making it easier for automation suppliers to develop and integrate intelligent devices.

Utthunga with its expertise and experience in FDI technology offers various solutions around FDI technologies.

FDI Services / Products

  1. FDI Host Development/Enhancement including UIP support, OPC Layer adoption, adding FDI technology support to FDT/EDDL host
  2. FDI Communication Server
    • Modbus FDI Communication Server
    • HART-IP FDI Communication Server etc.
  3. FDI Device Package and Profile Package Development
  4. FDI UIP Development
  5. FDI Training and Consultation

FDI Host Development

Utthunga has good knowledge and experience in developing the FDI based host applications. Utthunga’s FDI subject matter experts can help in integrating any layer of FDI technologies into your FDI host application like adopting the OPC layer, integrating the UIP hosting capabilities, integrating additional protocol support etc. Utthunga has vast experience in device integration technologies like EDDL, FDT and FDI, hence adds value to the FDI solutions.

FDI Communication Server Development

FDI Communication Server enables the FDI host to communicate with the underlying communication network. Utthunga has good experience in building the FDI Communication Server and owns the Modbus FDI Communication Server, trial version can be downloaded here. Utthunga can develop FDI Communication Server for any of the Industrial protocol like HART, HART-IP, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, ISA100, Proprietary protocols.

Host Enhancement for FDI

Most of the existing EDDL host application could be easily extended to support the FDI technologies. This will help the EDDL host application to support the FDI Device, communication, profile packages which may contain the UIP(User Interface Plugins) making it the single host supporting both EDDL and FDI Packages.

FDI Package Development

FDI Packages are the means by which device vendors provide information about their devices to system vendors. Utthunga has developed many FDI Device packages for Instrument vendors and tested its across various FDI hosts. Utthunga can develop and maintain the FDI device and profile Packages for your instrument be it controlling instrument like actuator, positioners etc or measurement units like flow, temperature, level transmitters etc.

UIP Development

FDI UIP package allows the complex device functionalities like device setup, partial stroke test etc to be integrated as part of the FDI Device package. FDI UIP packages can be created both for windows and mobile work stations. Utthunga can develop and maintain the UIP packages for your instrument.

FDI Consultation and workshop

Utthunga can provide consultation service about the FDI technology and how this can be adopted. Utthunga ‘s FDI experts can offer the tailor made FDI workshops or training based on your needs, even at onsite.


Utthunga has built team of experts on the new FDI technologies which can be utilized to reduce the time to market for your FDI based solution. Utthunga has experience in the FDI host, package and communication server development.

DEVICE Integration knowledge

Having vast experience in all 3 device integration standards like EDDL, FDT and FDI, Utthunga can be your preferred and trusted partner for FDI solutions.


Utthunga is an active member of  FDI Specification, hence It has reliable first hand information which helps in better decision making.


Utthunga has already working with various Industry leaders in supporting them for FDI solutions.