FDT DTMServices

FDT DTM Services (Field Device Tool and Device Type Manager) is IEC Standardized, open standard for Industrial Automation integration of networks and devices. Using FDT Solutions, users can parameterize, monitor, diagnose and trouble shoot the field instruments.

Utthunga FDT/DTM portfolio covers all aspects of FDT solution from DTM development to consultation service for enabling your FDT solutions for IIoT.

uDTMsdk for in-house development

Interested in building your own FDT team for your device management and looking for reliable support ? No worries. Utthunga’s uDTMsdk – FDT Development Suite helps your team to quickly build the DTM with limited knowledge on FDT technology. Also our flexible licensing model will not be heavy on your pocket too. Visit the uDTMsdk Product page to know more details.

DTM Development & Maintenance

If you are looking for reliable partner for your DTM management including development, maintenance and certification, Utthunga will be best choice for you. Utthunga has been the DTM partner for many instrument vendors for their field devices and communication components with very high customer satisfaction rate.

Utthunga develops and certifies the DTM for your instrument and handover the results to you for maintenance after the project completion. Also, Utthunga can also offer to maintain the shared/non-shared dedicated team for your DTM maintenance needs which helps your team to focus on your core strength areas.

DTM Testing for Certification

Utthunga is FDT accredited Testing centre and can help you in certifying your DTM for FDT specification conformance. Utthunga’s FDT/DTM specification experts can also provide you consultation service for troubleshooting your DTM for certification related issues.


Utthunga has experience in integrating the FDT/DTM capabilities to the existing Asset Management Systems or service tools. Utthunga can propose the customized unique solution for your FDT/DTM integration needs to your existing systems.

FDT Consultation

Utthunga can provide consultation service like bringing your FDT information model in OPC solutions, hence enabling the enterprise wide connectivity for your automation systems.

Custom solution development

Utthunga can develop the custom solutions based on FDT 1.2x/2.0 standards.

DTM training and workshop

Utthunga ‘s FDT experts can offer the tailor made FDT workshops or training based on your needs, at offshore or onsite. Utthunga’s team of FDT experts can provide consultation service for any of your FDT needs.


Utthunga is your one stop solution for DTM Development, certification and maintenance. Utthunga is an accredited test site for FDT/DTM Certification. Test Centre adheres to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Apart from DTM development, Utthunga can also offer other services for your instrument like firmware design, embedded services, etc. Utthunga can be your trusted and preferred partner for all your device needs.


Utthunga has built more than 100+ (Gateway, Communication and Device) DTMs for Wireless Gateways, Communication drivers, Actuator, Positioner, measurement devices etc covering various industry protocols like HART, Profibus, FF, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, proprietary protocols etc


Utthunga provides competitive pricing and flexible business model. It also provides technical support round the year.


Utthunga is an active member and participates in FDT Specification, Marketing, Testing & Certification committee. It has reliable first hand information which helps in better decision making.


Utthunga’s proprietary DTM framework accelerates the certifiable DTM development. Utthunga’s proprietary DTM framework has been interoperability tested with various FDT hosts.


Utthunga’s developed DTM could be easily migrated to build PC/mobile application. This helps in providing the various solutions around your device improving its values in the market