uOPC Aggregation Server is a UA Wrapper having in-built OPC Classic Client which is connected to one or more OPC Classic Servers with a high-performance protocol. The information model on the underlying Classic Servers will be transparently mapped into the address space of OPC UA Server. This information from the uOPC Aggregation Server is further transferred to OPC UA Client. uOPC Aggregation Server not only acts as a wrapper but also an aggregator. It connects multiple underlying COM/DCOM servers and multiple underlying UA Servers at the same time.


  • Robust and field proven solution to acquire data from variety of OPC Servers
  • Certified UA 1.02 Standard Server
  • Aggregates OPC Classic DA Server and OPC UA Server
  • uOPC aggregation Server is a single solution for multiple limitations in OPC
  • Migrates a Classic COM/DCOM Server into a new generation OPC i.e. OPC UA
  • Acts as a medium for the COM/DCOM Server to communicate with UA Client and also collects the data from various OPC Classic and UA servers
  • Support data access, alarm and events and historian data access

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